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The garment is made up of a flexible tubular body (12), made in stretchy material, which can adhere to male genital organs (14).
At one end there is a bigger opening (16), through which the garment can be put on, carrying an elastic band (18) to be fixed at the base of the genital organs in order to prevent the garment from being pulled out. At the opposite end, there is another opening (20) to allow urination: this can be easily covered by a round hood element (22) which can adhere firmly to the tubular body (12).

Picture 1:

schematic drawing of the garment when it is put on - first condition of use
Picture 2:

schematic drawing of the garment when it is put on - second condition of use
Pictures 3 and 4 show the garment in an extended condition.

The hood element (22) and the tubular body (12) are two separate elements, which are then sewn together at the rim of the opening (20).
As shown in picture 1, the tubular body (12) can be firmly closed by the hood element , but at the same time it can be easily opened in case of temporary needs (such as urination) by lifting the hood element upwards (F), as shown in picture 2.
The garment allows the perfect cover and protection of genital organs from external agents and factors, but at the same time it allows urination without taking it out.

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